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The Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI) strives to improve competitiveness across the Europe and Eurasia region by engaging the efforts of bilateral USAID Missions, USAID Projects and other local stakeholders. Collaboration consists of information-sharing, and co-funding of events and activities. Below is a list of some of RCI’s partners across the region.

RCI Countries’ Competitiveness Report is displayed in the chart below for the last few years.  Individual countries and a more detailed view are linked both in the “Home” menu and at the left of this text.

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Regional competitiveness activities bring value added, complement and bolster the efforts of bilateral missions by solving problems that are beyond the scope of individual countries.

  1. Information Technology (IT)

  2. Agribusiness

  3. Tourism

  4. Regional Investment Promotion

  5. Workforce Development

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Technical Officer

USAID Activity Manager

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RCI Director
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