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Regional Tourism Promotion: National Geographic Western Balkans Supplement

This year, USAID/RCI sponsored the production of a special supplement to National Geographic Traveler Magazine, promoting the Western Balkans as an undiscovered tourist destination. The supplement was a combined effort of USAID/Washington and the six USAID missions in the region. Over 225,000 National Geographic subscribers from the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands received the supplement in May and June 2010.

Covering Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, the supplement is a promotional tool for the tourism sector of the whole region, highlighting the many destinations in the Western Balkans. Food, wine, national parks, outdoor sports, sea and mountain resorts, religious sites, ancient and modern cities, archeology and myths – everything is packed into the 48 page booklet.

NG Western Balkans Download Link

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