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Annual Conferences | June 16-18, 2009 - Kyiv, Ukraine - Reports

Paul Marer | Causes of the Crisis, Its Transmission to Eastern Europe, and Impacts on Economic and Social Conditions


While the focus of this essay is Eastern Europe (EE), it begins with a summary statement of the author’s interpretation of the causes of the global crisis and the remedies necessary and attempted by the USA and Western Europe (Section II)...

Erik Butler | Workforce Competitiveness


Global labor markets are routinely characterized in terms of “critical skills shortages.” Such shortages of skill in specific occupations can be documented in times of both economic expansion and contraction. Skills demand surveys reveal unmet needs not only in knowledge-intensive, research, design, and innovation positions, but also in high skilled technical production positions. Most also cite the poor quality of preparation of even...

Goran Radman | Technology and Innovation Competitiveness in Eastern and Southeastern Europe


In the last two decades nowhere in Europe social development and economic growth have been as

impressive and durable as in the countries of Eastern Europe. They have gone through an extraordinary turnaround from state‐controlled economies and political dictatorships to social‐market economies and pluralistic democracies...