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EUROPE AND EURASIA | Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI)

Alexander Babinov | Regional Quality Mark Initiative: Tourism Services Standards
Douglas Griffith | CMMI and IT Mark, Experience From Moldova
Dan Berkshire | Georgia’s Development in Meeting International Standards
Dina Krylova | The Crisis Impact on the Development of SME’s in Russia and Antirecessionary Support Measures

Annual Conferences | June 16-18, 2009 - Kyiv, Ukraine - Presentations

Day 2

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Sasha Gavrilovic | Exploring Macedonia: Regional National Tourism Portals
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William Seas | International Standards and Certifications for Improved Market Access-Project Management Professional
Segrey Pryadko | Technology and Innovation Competitiveness in Eastern and Southeastern Europe
Dusan Kulka | LINC Ukraine: Regional FDI Preparedness Post Crisis
James Maxwell | Impact of Global Economic Crisis on Macedonian Agribusiness
George Sharkov | Regional IT Stabdards in Central Eastern and South East Europe, and Caucasus
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Ivaylo Georgiev | Using Quality IT Companies and Solutions from the Whole Region to Make Traditional Industries More Competitive Globally
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Susan Warren | Tourism: A Strategic Approach to Managing & Marketing Destinations