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EUROPE AND EURASIA | Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI)

Aleksandra Zoric Krzic | World Economic Forum Competitiveness Indicators and Policy Actions
Alexander Pivovarsky | Financial Sector Crisis in Emerging Europe and International Policy Response

Annual Conferences | June 16-18, 2009 - Kyiv, Ukraine - Presentations

Day 1

David Cowles | Panel Session (Topic A): World Economic Forum Competitiveness Indicators & Policy Actions
Ana S. Trbovich | The Impact of the World Economic Crisis on the Serbian Economy
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Erik Butler | The Chicken and the Egg; Workforce Development and Economic Competitiveness
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Mirjana Makedonska | Macedonia Competitiveness Project - Using Finance to Drive Systematic Private Sector Growth
Goran Radman | Technology and Innovation Competitiveness in Eastern and Southeastern Europe
David Gosney | Georgia: Economic Impact and Responses
Edilberto Segura | Financial Sector and the Effect of the Global Financial Crisis
Margareta Drzeniek | The Chicken and the Egg; Workforce Development and Economic Competitiveness
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Natalie Jaresko | New Approaches to Growth in Ukraine
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Victor Sedov | Russia and the Global Economic Crisis: Economic Impact & Responses
Paul Marer | Causes of the Crisis, Transmission to EE, Impacts & Recommendations
Danilo Cruz-DePaula | Azerbaijan: Experience on Equity Investments, Trade Finance, and SME Lending
William Seas | Regional Competitiveness Initiative:

Access to Finance Serbia

Dragana Radevic | Workforce Competitiveness: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro
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Violeta Jovanovic | Economic Crisis: Impacts and Responses by the Business Community
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Danilo Cruz-DePaula | Azerbaijan: Economic Impact and Response to the Global Economic Crisis
Dragana Radevic | Economic Impact and Response by Montenegro
Neal Nathanson | Economic Growth/Reform Charts