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USAID Europe and Eurasia Bureau’s Economic Growth Office (EE/EG) held the “4th Regional Competitiveness Conference in Southeast Europe – Financial Crisis and the Effects on the Competitiveness of the Region” in Kyiv on June 16-17, 2009. The EE/EG Regional Competitiveness Initiative attracted more than 200 stakeholders working in 17 different countries in the regions of South East and Central Eastern Europe, North America and the Caucasus.


Representatives of private businesses, government and non-government sector, USAID Missions, Implementers and other International Donors shared best practices and lessons learned that enhance the competitiveness of each country and region. The conference concluded on June 18 with an internal meeting for USAID Missions and Projects to discuss the values of the regional work, as well as to plan future initiatives.


Annual Conferences | June 16-18, 2009 - Kyiv, Ukraine - Intro/Agenda

Conference topics focused on the impact of the global economic downturn, its impact on the developing countries, as well as its influence on the level of competitiveness in the regions. Scholars and practitioners shared their views of development trends under the newly created conditions of changing globalization. Follow-up discussions offered practical suggestions and solutions to the common challenges of the business communities.

 Small group discussions covered key areas for improvement and regional work, such as policy measures, workforce development, access to finance and FDI attraction, international standards and certification, and the usage of regional tourism attractions.


Conference Agenda

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