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Annual Conferences | 2006 - Romania - Presentations

George Sharkov | IT Mark and CMMI - Integrated quality models for software companies economic aspects
Jan Forest | Decreasing Border Delays through Elimination of Trade Barriers
Garegin Chugaszyan | Armenia’s Example of Integration in Global Industry - Competitive Armenian Private Sector Program (CAPS)
Goran Radman | Microsoft strategy in South East Europe
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outsidesoftware | Building Reputation on Online Software Markets - Introduction
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Peter Lampesis | Regional Trade Challenges / Constraints - a Competitiveness Perspective
MaryOmahony | Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe - CEFTA 2006: Improving Regional Trade in South Eastern Europe
Nemetschek | Nemetschek Bulgaria - IT Mark and CMMI as Integrated models for Software Companies - Economic Benefits