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EUROPE AND EURASIA | Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI)

Ana Trbovic | Invest in Serbia!
Andrija Mijanovic | Capacity Building for European Integration
Arthur Nowicki | Institutional Support System for Business Support Organizations in Poland: Example of National Services Network for SMEs, UNILOB
George Brashnarov | e-Solutions for Facility and Asset Management of Business and Industrial Parks, Case Study: Business Park Sofia
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Marek Lorinc | EBRD-ITALY: Western Balkans Local Enterprise Facility (WB LEF)
Critina Manescu | Access to EU Funds for the Agribusiness and Rural Development through USAID Support
David Sukacz |  BBI Capital NFI SA
Jovan Madzovski | CEED Macedonia: Enter for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development
Mita Stojic | IPA Information System [case study] Vojvodina Investment Promotion Fund(TIAC Group)
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Sasha Gavrilovic | National Tourism Portal - ExploringMacedonia.com
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Mladen Simunac | www.e-opcina.eu MICROgrupa
Nikola Stefanovic | Private Equity Investing in Southeast Europe - SEAF South Balkan Fund
Zeljko Maric | MICRO edukacija - South-East Europe
Sharon Valentine | Serbia Competitiveness Project - Business Service Providers in Education and Training: Advancing Sustainability

Day 2

Annual Conferences | May 20-22, 2008 - Budva, Montenegro - Presentations

Caroline Bryant | EBRD TurnAround Management and Business Advisory Services (TAM/BAS) Programmes MONTENEGRO