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The Caucasus subregion (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia) has specific challenges with regard to Competitiveness and Trade. This section summarizes the work done by RCI and the bilateral projects in each of the country, and presents a variety of resources (repository of reports, experts database, etc.). 

Caucasus Reports - Introduction / Regional Report & Experts Database

Trade Facilitation Analysis

Experts Database - Download Link

Caucasus Regional Trade Facilitation Analysis - 2012

RCI prepared a trade facilitation analysis focusing on Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The study summarized challenges and achievements of trade policies and Free Trade Agreements and consolidated single-country reports into a general overview of regional conditions and road-map leading to more efficient trade. Topics included a gap analysis, identification of current needs in trade facilitation, business process description and analysis, Single Window implementation and data harmonization in the South Caucasus.

Experts Database

RCI, with the help of the bilateral projects, compiled a list of experts with specific experience in the Caucasus. This knowledge sharing effort is meant to benefit all projects in the region.