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EUROPE AND EURASIA | Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI)

Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in SEE region | 09:00am - Boban Ilic AGRO Regional Cooperation
Regional Cooperation in ICT

WHY? | 09:00am - George Sharkov Regional Cooperation


Day 2

Global Engagement Initiative | 09:00am Peter Righi GEI
National Geographic Society | 09:00am Jim Dion NGT
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Regional Cooperation in Economic Development | 09:00am Sanjin Arifagic Regional Economic Integration
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Workforce Development

FIRMA’s Approach | 10:30am Dina Karic FIRMA WFD


Annual Conferences | May 17-19, 2011 - Budapest, Hungary - Presentations

Kosovo Private Enterprise Program Workforce Development | 10:30am - Burim Korqa WFD
Labor Markets and Workforce Development | 10:30am - Denise Lamaute WFD
Cisco Entrepreneur Institute | 10:30am - Jacek Raczkowski Donor Cooperation and PPPs
A New Kind of Enterprise | 10:30am - Gerard Stilp Donor Co-op and PPPs
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Financial Sector Benchmarking System High Level Financial Sector Overview Country Reports | 10:30am - Leslie Sulenta EG Programming
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Project Management Certification as a driver for competitiveness | 10:30am - Tatjana Lukic WFD
Global Development Alliance Workshop | 10:30am - Nancy Wildfeir-Fields Donor Cooperation and PPPs
USAID/Azerbaijan Competitiveness and Trade (ACT) Project | 10:30am - Melani Shultz Donor Cooperation and PPPs session
Open Regional Fund for South East Europe | 10:30am - Tine Schrammel Donors
Creating future workforce by helping companies today | 10:30am - Visar Ademi WFD
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USAID’s Development Credit Authority (DCA) | 01:00pm - Eastham and Cowles SME Finance part 1
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How Does a Country

Without a Capital Markets

Implement a Successful

Pension Reform | 01:00pm - Denise Lamaute Capital markets

eGov Project

paved the way for modern Macedonia | 01:00pm - Elena Stamatoska IT Sector

EBRD: ETC Products and proposed areas of cooperation with USAID | 01:00pm - Karine Saroukhanian SME Finance part 1
Getting SME Banking Right | 01:00pm - Ivan Pilepic SME finance part 1
Business Enabling Environment Program (BEEP) Program Overview | 01:00pm - Michael Gold SME finance part 1
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Kosovo Private Enterprise Program Workforce Development | 01:00pm - Olivia Oddi SME finance part 1
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Supporting the Sustainable Growth of the Albanian Economy | 01:00pm -  Victor Luboyeski IT Sector
QBFC (Qualified Business Finance Consultants) Program | 03:00pm Jasmin Gabela SME finance part 2
EBRD and Agribusiness Regional Cooperation | 03:00pm - Marta Bruska Agribusiness
CEED - “Power through know-how and networks” | 03:00pm - Jovan Madjovski SME Finance part 2
USAID Serbia Agribusiness Project | 03:00pm - Jim Herne Agribusiness
USAID/Azerbaijan Competitiveness and Trade (ACT) Project Agribusiness Regional Cooperation | 03:00pm - Melani Shultz Agribusiness
How to increase companies’ competitiveness through successful access to finance | 03:00pm - Mirjana Makedonska SME finance part 2
Crimson SME Finance Funds | Michael Gold SME finance part 2
Empower United Foundation | 03:00pm - Tom Higgins SME finance part 2
EBRD Business Advisory Services | Neil Taylor Donor Cooperation and PPPs
SME Finance

Enabling Environment, Donor Credit and Guarantee Facilities – Part I | Tina Mendelson_SME Finance

Best Practices in Education IT Usage | 01:00pm - Gerard Stilp IT Sector
Macedonia Investment Development and Export Advancement Support Project | 01:00pm - Kiril Minoski SME Finance part 1 session
Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI)

Current Initiatives for ICT Sector Development in Georgia | 01:00pm - Levan Jioshvili IT Sector session

IT Capacity Building in CEE | 01:00pm - Markus Schwertel IT Sector session
IT Sector: Excellence, Innovation and Business | 01:00pm - Nancy Reiter IT sector session
Capital Markets Development in Southeast Europe and Eurasia –

An Uncertain Future | 01:00pm - Robert Signletary Capital markets session

Innovation ecosystem as an instrument to increase competitiveness and add value | 01:00pm - Zarko Pop-Iliev IT Sector
Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in SEE region | 03:00pm - Boban Ilic Agribusiness
Montenegro Country Overview | 02:00pm - David Blood Agribusiness
Vulnerability in Eurasia Banking Systems | 01:00pm - Alex Kutsenko Capital Markets
The European Debt Crises and Its Impact on

Southeastern Europe and Eurasia | 03:00pm - Anthony Sinclair Sovereign Debt

Vulnerabilities from the Sovereign Debt Crisis

In Southeast Europe and Eurasia | 03:00pm - Scott Calhoun Sovereign Debt