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EUROPE AND EURASIA | Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI)

Dr. Paul Marer | 09:15 am - Emerging Europe Out of the Crises? - RCI-Focus v EU Member Countries
Transition Report 2010 - Recovery and Reform | 09:15am - Mr. Franto Ricka

Day 1

USAID/Armenia - Economic Growth Portfolio in Brief | 10:45am - Conan Peise Armenia EG
USAID/Kosovo - EG Portfolio in Brief | 10:45am Flora Arifi Kosovo EG
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USAID/Albania - EG Portfolio 17, May 2011 | 10:45am Jeffrey Zahka Albania EG

Annual Conferences | May 17-19, 2011 - Budapest, Hungary - Presentations

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EG Functional Areas Covered by USAID Bilateral Programs | 10:45am - Jerry Bisson Overall Summary EG
USAID Economic Growth Program An Overview | 10:45am Macedonia EG
USAID/Moldova - EG Portfolio in Brief | 10:45am - Nancy Reiter Moldova EG
Economic Growth Overview | 10:45am - Neal Nathanson Azerbaijan EG
USAID Economic Growth Program An Overview | 10:45am - Tanja Markovska Macedonia EG
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Introduction to the “New” Partners for Financial

Stability Program | 02:00pm - Leslie Sulenta Intro to New PFS

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Financial Sector Progress, Gaps and Challenges in SEE & EURASIA | 02:00pm - Michael Borish Regional Financial S-r Benchmarking
USAID Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI) Value Added to E&E Countries | 03:30pm - F Stoyanovich RCI Presentation
“Power through know-how and networks” | 03:30pm - Peter Righi CEED update