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EUROPE AND EURASIA | Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI)

Dragana Radevic | Coming out of the Global Economic Crisis: Current Status, Effects, and Responses - Sub-regional focus on the Western Balkans
Dr. Krassen Stanchev | Coming Out of the Crisis: Caucasus, Moldova and Ukraine

Day 1

Artak Ghazaryan |
Armenia Country Report: Armenia CAPS Project
Paul Marer, Ph.D. | The Greece-Euro Crises and their impacts in

Eastern Europe

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Hugh Haworth | PFS: Partners for Financial Stability - Presentation at the Sarajevo Regional EG Workshop
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Igor Pesic | STARS Supporting Development of the North

Annual Conferences | May 18-20, 2010 - Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina - Presentations

Joseph Lessard | USAID/Macedonia

Economic Growth Current and Future Activities

Sergiu Botezatu, PhD | Competitiveness framework for Moldova & USAID implication (ICT sector)
Sheila Young | Co-Financing Development Programs The Government of Azerbaijan and USAID/Caucasus-Azerbaijan
Sheila Young & Amanda Fong | Azerbaijan’s Private Sector Azerbaijan’s Private Sector Competitiveness Enhancement

Program (PSCEP): Lessons Learned

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Zihnija Hasović | Consulting Services for competitivness of SME’s in the Western Balkans
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Sanjin Arifagic | Regional Approaches to

Development Challenges in SEE

Gergana Valova | Access to Financing in Southeast Europe

Before and After the Crisis

Alan Paic | Regional Competitiveness Initiative for the Western Balkans
Michael Jones | USAID/Caucasus/Georgia - Office of Economic Growth