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Regional Competitiveness Roundtable - January 2008, Belgrade Serbia

Forum on Economic Growth and Competitiveness Agenda

Participants List

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Regional Competitiveness Roundtable | January 2008, Belgrade Serbia

       -Forum on Economic Growth and Competitiveness Agenda

        -Participants List

Identifying and Eliminating Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade 20 March 2007

       -NTB Focal Points Meeting Agenda

        -Participants List

        -Identifying and Eliminating Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade Report

    CD Materials

       -List of UNECE UN/CEFACT - Recommendations on Trade Facilitation

        -Transport Agreements and Conventions SEE

         -UNECE Excel Sheet

         -Recommendations on Standardization Policies

         -Chapter IV - Technical Barriers to Trade, Article 13 CEFTA

3rd Regional Conference on Competitiveness 8-10 June 2005 - Sofia, Bulgaria

       -3rd Regional Conference on Competitiveness Report

        -3rd Regional Conference on Competitiveness Agenda

        -Announcement Letter

        -Participants List

    CD Materials

        -Strojína Pálava | Competitiveness in agriculture marketing...

        -Debbie LaFranchi | Eastern Europe Digital Media Industry Report

         -Debbie LaFranchi | Eastern Europe Real Estate Fund

         -Debbie LaFranchi | DBL Fund Diagram (EE)

         -Dr. Krassen Stanchev | Regional Integration of Economic Development

         -Kristofor Pavlov | Banking Climate in Bulgaria

         -Paul Trupo | Why “Competitiveness”

         -Strojína Pálava | Competitiveness in Agricultural Marketing

         -Regional Competitiveness Conference

         -Jacek Drabik | Motorola in Central and Eastern Europe

         -Göran Lindqvist | A Survey of Cluster Initiatives

         -Digital Animation & Economic Development

         -Ken Weiss | Linking Producers to Modern Food Retailers

         -Nikolay Todorov | Preparation for EU Entry by Developing Sustainable SME in Bulgaria

         -Filip Stojanovic | Competitiveness Initiatives in Europe and Eurasia Region

         -Miroslaw Zielinski: Poland in the European Union

Identifying and Eliminating Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade 31 Oct - 1, Nov 2006

       -Stability Pact Trade Working Group Meeting of NTB Focal Points

        -Evaluation Form

        -Identifying and Eliminating Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade: Meeting of Focal Points in SEE

        -Participants List

    CD Materials

        -Dr. Christian Pitschas | Annual NTB reports 2007

        -Dr. Christian Pitschas | Identification, Review and Elimination of NTBs - Intro to the Review of National NTB Reports

         -Liljana Sekerinska | Trade and Transport Facilitation in Southeast Europe

         -Zlatko Veterovski | Presentation of CLDP Customs Working Group in Southeast Europe

         -Lorenza Jachia | UNECE working in partnership with NTB Focal Points

    Reports for Discussion

        -Support to the Secretariat of the Trade Working Group of Table II of the Stability Pact: SE Europe Regional

        -Ministerial Statement on Trade Liberalization in South Eastern Europe Sofia, 10 June, 2005

         -Bin files (linked as a .zip)

Regional Economic Integration in Southeast Europe 14-15 June 2006

       -Regional Economic Integration Meeting Agenda

        -Participants List


        -Regional Economic Integration Meeting Invitation

        -USAID - Belgrade-Invitation

SEE Regional Competitiveness Conference 16-18 Nov 2005

       -SEE Regional Competitiveness Conference Report

        -SEE Regional Competitiveness Conference Agenda

        -Participants List

        -Brochure - Bridging the Channel Market Defining Consumers

    CD Materials

        -D.Stojanov F&V

        -Hotel M Finalna Verzia 3 | Understanding the needs and opportunity of the market

Stability Pact eSEE Initiative Workshop on eGovernance 25-26 Sep 2007

        -eGov Workshop Report

    CD Materials

       eGov Workshop 2007

        -Stability Pact eSEE Initiative Workshop on eGovernance

        -RCI Presentation


         -Gerard Bonnes | Opening new markets for small innovative firms

         -Raphael Koumeri | ELLECTRA - WeB IST Project co-funded by the EC

       General Information

         -Mit steigender Nutzung an Profil gewonnen

         -Simplifier la vie des entreprises

         -Michael Mozur | Promoting e-Governance in South Eastern Europe through Regional Cooperation

         -Stefano Cacciaguerra | Italy - UNDP e-Leadership Project in the Western Balkans

         -Vereinfachung des unternehmerischen Alltags

         -Table of Contents - eGov Workshop

       7. Invest Guide for SEE

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Romania

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Slovenia

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Croatia

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Moldova

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Macedonia

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Serbia

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Turkey

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Albania

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Bosnia and Herzegovina

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Montenegro

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Bulgaria

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007 | Greece

         -Southeast Europe Investment Guide 2007


Since its inception, RCI has encouraged Regional Economic Integration, assisting the region in increasing the knowledge and collaboration between stakeholders through numerous and different types of events targeted to trade facilitation, business networking and collaboration at the subregional level, in the Caucasus and in Southeast Europe (Western Balkans). The products of these events can be found in this section.