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Since its inception, RCI has encouraged Regional Economic Integration, assisting the region in increasing the knowledge and collaboration between stakeholders through numerous and different types of events targeted to trade facilitation, business networking and collaboration at the subregional level, in the Caucasus and in Southeast Europe (Western Balkans). The products of these events can be found in this section.

OTHER DOCUMENTS | Access to Finance Event - Podgorica, Montenegro - May 2013

Access to Finance - Event Agendaothera2f-2013_files/Agenda_A2F%20Event,%2014%20May_latest%20version.pdf
Access to Finance Forum Bosnia - Participants Listothera2f-2013_files/Participants%20_list_A2F_FINAL%20post%20event.pdf
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RCI 2013 Access to Finance | Dragana Radevic
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RCI A2F Presentation - May 14 2013 | Joe Lowther
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ATF and EE for Financial Sector May 13 2013 | Leslie PFS
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SEE 2020 Integrated Growth and Investment Policy and Promotion Presentation | Dragana Djurica
Access to Finance - Event Agenda
SBS Slides | Natalia Meylunas
Access to Finance Forum Bosnia - Participants List
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Access to Finance - Event Summaryothera2f-2013_files/A2F%20Event%20Summary.pdf
EUFORIJA Presentation EN | Ante Babic
RCI - Supporting Entrepreneurs | Michael Gold