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ICT | Workshops - Skopje, Macedonia - Agenda/Presentations

May 2007

Case Study | INet, implementation of IT Mark
Case Study | GORD Systems, implementation of IT Mark
Case Study | Sigma SB, implementation of IT Mark
George Sharkov | Benefits of CMMI and ITMark implementation programs
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Dimitar Indovski | Gord Systems: case study on implementation of IT Mark standard
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Toni Petreski | Macedonian ICT Cluster, the Role of MASIT and The ICT Quality Certification Program as a Factor of Macedonian ICT SMEs Competitiveness
Mark Frazier | Opening Online Markets: Overview of Trends
Tom Drum | CEED: Announcing CEED Macedonia
Milica Dakovic | Montenegro on the Way to Information Society...
Shannon Ewing | Telework Markets and the Virtual Business Incubator Response
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