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ICT | Excellence and Innovation Centers

    RCI in cooperation with other USAID project and donors has created sufficient awareness and initial capacity for building local ICT excellence and innovation centers and communities of practice. A generic rollout scenario for centers of excellence creation was developed (ESIBG Concept Paper for Excellence and Innovation Centers). The first center” Quality Lab“ was successfully launched by the Moldovan ICT Association – Quality Lab in cooperation with RCI, ESI Center Eastern Europe and other organizations.

In order to further strengthen the quality and innovation capacity in SEE and Caucasus RCI will continue its activities on:

  1. Mapping the IT training and certification models and standards in correspondence  to EU policies;

  2. Technical and organizational assistance on establishing the centers;

  3. Assistance in gathering other contributors and co-funding organizations;

  4. Development of strategies and plans for the self-sustainable centers;

  5. Bringing multinational companies as partners;

  6. Development of capacity building standards trainers/appraisers, etc.

A scheme that illustrates the CoE approach is proposed below.