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AGRIBUSINESS | Workshops - Skopje, Macedonia - May 29, 2013

Regional Agriculture/Agribusiness Forum and B2B Meetings


•The Agriculture/Agribusiness forum was intended to gather agents from the sector from across the region. Topics of the agenda were chosen so as to attract interest both by producers, and by private business operating in the commercial and support industries. State institutions were also invited to share their policies and answer questions from the audience.

•In a parallel session, business-to-business matchmaking was organized, with the help of the Macedonian Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion. Its aim was to give willing companies access to potential partners from the region (representatives from Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia) and the possibility to establish lucrative business relationships.


The event was funded by USAID through the Regional Competitiveness Initiative RCI, the USAID IDEAS Project, the USAID Macedonia AgBiz Program, and the USAID Macedonia SBEP.

Number of participants:

There were more than 120 participants from companies from the region, state institutions from the host country, plus representatives of projects such as the USAID SBEP

Participants often ¨migrated¨ from the conference to the b2b hall, making the most of the opportunities provided by both events.

Event Details: Forum

The event was organized in cooperation with the Macedonian Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion (http://www.investinmacedonia.com/) and USAID Macedonia Projects  Agbiz Project (https://www.agbiz.com), IDEAS Project (http://www.ideas.org.mk), and Small Business Expansion Project.


•Improved knowledge on the state of the agriculture sector in Macedonia and the region

•Shared experience and bottlenecks on EU programs design and funds absorption

•Increased awareness of good practices in Western Balkan countries

•New trade relations and improved communication among participating companies and projects

What’s Next?

The Event provided a busy day of talks, experience sharing – and, for some companies – actual business negotiations. As usually, all presentations and contacts were disseminated to participants, so that talks can continue online and working relationships can be further developed.


Workshop Documents