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AGRIBUSINESS | Workshops - Skopje, Macedonia - April 2011

IPM of tomato and paprika in glass houses and plastic tunnels
IPM of tomato and paprika on open field
TUTA ABSOLUTA nov opasen [tetnik na domatot
On April 7 & 8, RCI organized together with USAID Macedonia AgBiz project Integrated Pest Management training. Our official lecturer was Prof. Dr. Slobodan Bandzo from the Macedonian Institute of Agriculture, who presented technical and practical advices of great interest to our selected professional group from the region. The participants in the training were recommended to attend and sponsored by each USAID country project working with agriculture. We had 15 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

On April 8, in an organized field trip, the trainees visited a green house in Southern Macedonia, where they could see the actual techniques of Integrated Pest Management at work and also get familiar with modern greenhouse operations.

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