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AGRIBUSINESS | Workshops - Skopje, Macedonia - November 2009

Brankica Obucina | Improvement of the Agricultural Market Information System
Brankica Obucina | Study on the Effects of the Global Economic Crisis on the Serbian Agriculture
Juan Estrada-Valle | Albania’s Market Information System, sita
James Maxwell | AgBiz Market Information Support
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Emil Darev | How to Apply for EU Funding - Major Steps
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Emil Darev | What Does It Take to Be a Consultant in EU Funding
James Maxwell | AgBiz Export Competitiveness Enchancement
Juan Estrada-Valle | Challenges and Opportunities Integrating Albanian Farmers to the International Markets
Milena Isakovic | Supporting Rural Development in Serbia
Saso Ristevski | Annual Conference of the South East European Associations of Fruits and Vegetables Processors, Spring 2010
Sanscho Ramhorst | Excellence in Innovation Project Agribusiness e-BIZ Center Presentation
Sasha Marusic | USAID Agribusiness Project: Increasing Fresh Berry Fruit Exports from Serbia
Vasko_Hadzievski | Harmonizing Agribusiness-related Regulations to those of EU
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