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AGRIBUSINESS | Workshops - Skopje, Macedonia - January 2008

Janko Cajhen | FAS Mission Overseas: Technical Activities Assistance in Agriculture in the Balkan Region
Joe Welsh | Regional USAID Agribusiness Workshop
Martin Wood | KCBS in support of Kosovo Economy
Selim Belortaja | “FTA-s/CEFTA and some revealed effects, on the Albanian Economy and Agribusiness”
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Mr. Krum Efremov | Regional Trade Agreement Implications to Macedonian Agriculture/Agribusiness
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AgBiz Program Presentation | Regional USAID Agribusiness Projects Coordination Workshop
AgBiz Overview | USAID Agribusiness Project
USAID Agribusiness Project | Serbia Sector Selection
Slaven Aljinovic | CTO Agribusiness Specialist
Linking Agricultural Markets to Producers (LAMP) - Goals, Expected Results, Activities Accomplishments and Lessons Learned Bosnia and Herzegovina


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